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Brit és Skót Lógófülű cica kennel

Amber Butterfly Cattery MagazinQuality kitten named Amber Butterfly Scottish Fold and British Shorthair Cat Cattery with excellent bloodlines in Budapest in XX. District. Currently we have two cats: a Scottish Fold female (Nofertari) and a British Shorthair male cat (Ferdynand). Family atmosphere, quality food and high-quality medical care are provided for our cats. Since it is very essential to the health of cats, we plan only one litter per year. The first mating of Scottish female took place after the age of two. As Nofertari is Scottish Fold she can only be mated with a carefully chosen British tomcat. We examine the lineage, medical certificates and achievements in all cases when looking for a British male to ensure that the kittens will inherit the best attributes.

After that the kittens are 10 weeks old, they can get into their new home only with pedigree, vaccination documents, contract, quality dry and wet food, accustomed to scraping wood and litter trained.




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