Kitten for sale! Planned litter.

We are planning our next litter in summer of 2015. The kittens’ mother will be our Scottish Fold female cat Nofertari Von Nun, who will be mated with Int. Ch. Diamondsight Éros from the Diamonds Sight Cattery. Nofertari a blue Scottish female, who won 2xCACP, 1xCACJ awards. She has a very classy and well-known champion ancestor. Eros is an experienced British Shorthair Black Silver Blotched Tabby (BRI ns 22 64) tomcat, has good genes and excellent bloodline. He owns the following awards: 2x CACP, 2x CACJ, 3x CAC, 4xCACIB 1x Best in Variety, 1x Special Prize, 3x Best of Breed, WCF ring: 3rd place, Tica: Shorthair 4th best, Allbreed 9th Best.

Eladó cicák 2013

As the Scottish cat can only be mated with British cat, as a result of this, the litter is a mix of hanging and standing-eared kittens. It can be safely decided around 4 weeks of thier age, what kind of ears the kittens will have. Therefore the booking will be possible one Month after the birth.

After thekittens are 10 weeks old, they can get into their new home onlywith pedigree, vaccination documents, contract, qualitydryand wetfood, accustomed toscrapingwood and litter trained.

In order to be able to guarantee the kittens’ good health both parents are filtered with the blood DNA and RNA tests of infectious diseases, FIP, FIV, Fcov, Rec. You can read on the ‘Cat disease’ site why these are important.




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