The origin of the British Shorthair Cat

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The ancestors of today’s British cats were domestic cats amongst  the UK’s finest specimens, which were taken to the island country during the Romans campaign. Due to the geographical isolation of the United Kingdom and cooler climate than Europe’s a homogeneous, high-strength domestic cat population emerged. Harisson Weir a scientist (and the founding father of the cat breeding) is connected to the purposeful, selective breeding, which is based on the excellent domestic cats. Initially the British Blue cats enjoyed the greatest popularity. The silver tabby was given special attention and changed hands at a remarkable price (50 pounds) in 1870 as well. In Hungary the silver tabby appeared in the 1990s. Refer to “Whiskas” cat. The British cat is strong, balanced, cheerful and has resilient constitution and optimistic character. It also owns proportionate and harmonic structure.


Build: strong, muscular physique, health and to act for broadcast. The head is round, the eyes are large and round, the ears are of medium size, the face is full.

Hair Colours: every colour is accepted.

The eyes colour are green or amber.

Personality: easy-going, inquisitive, unobtrusive. The owner is followed everywhere. The ambience is interested by the cat and easy to learn and enjoy it.

Attendance: the attendance of the short hair is easy.  The combing of the hair only once or twice a week. In spring and autumn moult, so to be combed at least twice a week.

Living condition: like a calm, orderly conditions in children. Other companion animals can get along well.

The origin of the Scottish Fold Cat

Skót Lógófülű Macska

A kitten was born with flattened ears on his/her head on a farm in Perthshire in 1961. The farmer, William Ross decided to start a breeding line and thus the Scottish Fold cat was born.

The catalog of the 1978 exhibition recognized American winner, and a major center of culture can be found in the United States today. The Scottish Fold must be mated with British cats, otherwise joint or cartilage problems are likely to arise. While the breeders claim that the hanging tab does not cause discomfort to the cat, there are concerns that the breed is prone to ear mites or deafness. These cats are calm and gentle.


Hair colours: any of the 23 American Shorthair colors are accepted

Hair type: short hair or long hair, soft and thick

Pattern: numbers of pattern are accepted

Size: medium and stocky

Characteristic: strong, muscular physique, the head is round, the eyes are large and round, the ears are of medium size and head crouching, the face is full.

The Scottish kittens have normal standing ears when they are born. Their ears start to flatten in about two weeks.

In every litter, where one parent is Scottish Fold Cat, there will be some kittens with „mutant gene”.




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