Amber Butterfly Lotti, Arthur and Tobias

Our Scottish Fold female cat Nofertari gave birth to three baby cats at the night of January 18. Two British kittens (Lotti and Tobias) and a Scottish kitten (Arthur) were born. All three kittens have found a loving home.

You can click on the pictures to see more photos about the kittens:

Amber Butterfly Lotti Amber Butterfly Arthur Amber Butterfly Tóbiás

The baby cats’ mother is our Scottish Fold female cat Nofertari Von Nun (2xCACP, 1xCACJ)

The kittens’s father is EU. CH: BRI CAT LEGOLAS MEPHISTO (3xCAC, 4xCACIB, 5xCAGCIB, 6xCACE, Europien Champion) tomcat.

Mephisto is a beautiful British Shorthair tomcat of the Moon Light Shadow Cattery, who has impressed us at the first visit. He has the highest level characteristics of the British Shorthair cats and his personality is very lovely.

brit_Mephisto Plusz-jel skotlogofulu_1

Both cat have FcoV, FIP, FeLV and FIV genetic and serological negative tests (confirmation) and with all of the vaccinations, so we can guarantee that  the kitten will be healthy.

As I mentioned it on the main page, I would like to emphasize that the health of our cats and kitten are the most important for us. That’s why we plan only one litter annually.




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