Amber Butterfly Arthur – British Shorthair Tom-cat

We got this video from Arthur’s new owners for Christmas. Arthur tom-cat became one year old.

Arthur is a Brithis Shorthair tom-cat. His body is strongful, his chest is wide, his tail is long and rounded. He has especialy beautiful, high colour, plush effect and rich shorthair. His nose is short, wide, straight, without break, it goes into the forehead with a mild band. His ears are medium size, his eyes are big and distand from each other. His tail is suitable to British Shorthair caracteristics which means that its lenght is the two-third of the body. The bottom is thick and it is thinning up to the top and it is rounded. Arthur is very intelligent and clever, loves playing and searches his owner company. He is the typical British Shorthair tom-cat who can sit like Garfield in the cartoon and sleeps on his back in a way that his back legs are streched and the two front legs are straight next to his body.




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