Nofertari Von Nun – Scottish Fold Female

Nofertari Von Nun

Our Scottish Fold cat Nofertari Von Nun, who moved to us in 2010 from the worthily renowned, excellent bloodline Von Nun Cattery. Her father Int. Ch. Holdfény Amon, her mother: Maat Von Orchideenwald (2x CACP, 1x CACJ, 3x excellent 2., 1x excellent 4.)

Nofertari was 6 months old, when she became a member of our family. She has the following awards: 2x CACP, 1x CACJ.
We can tell a lot about her positive character. She is very grateful, loves the care, likes purring and she likes playing with our other cat who is a British shorthair cat. She is very clever and learns new things fast. Heights are not a problem for her. Her favourite place is on the top of the 190 cm tall fridge. Basically she likes company, but she needs to spend some hours alone. She is a real fairy!




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