Amber Butterfly Cattery Tenyésztés KönyvThis menu has been created to draw attention to the difference between breeders, and cat reproducer before buying. It is important when you have decided what breed you want you should choose only after careful inquiry and having all information about buying pets for yourselves. Today, everything is available on the internet. Google is your friend!

What is the difference between the reproducer and the breeder?

We call reproducers who see only the financial gain of the kittens and take all other factors into the background. In such places usually the cats are not in a flat but the cats live separated in a place which was designed for this use. It can occure the cats are not accustomed to people, there  is no quality food, but there is lack of adequate immunizations, inbreeding and lack of genetic and serological examinations of parents so they can not guarantee the healthy condition of the kitten. Very often there is also no guarantee that the cats you want to buy do not originate in the ad from the parent advertised. In addition to these features you can buy a kitten with uncertain origin and health status a few ten thousand Forints cheaper.

We call breeders where the cats live as family members and the kittens are socialized in this environment. The kittens are accustomed to people human litter and the breeders deal with them, which includes the playing, stroking, teaching, and any activity that ensures a healthy and a happy life. These cats get quality food and have age appropriate vaccinations. The ancestors of the cats have offered for sale high characteristics of the breed. It is essential that the culture is not inbred, that the kitten’s parents ancestors are not related! In case of Scottish Fold kittens it is especially important that parents one of which must be British cats as mating of two Scottish Fold cat, a genetic disorder is most likely to develop when the little kittens are born. This situation can not come up if you buy at breeders. In addition to these features comparing to reproducers you can buy a kitty a few ten thousand Forints more expensively at the breeders, where there is a guarantee of origin and health too.

Pedigrees and contract or without?

The breeder doesn’t sell a kitten without a contract and pedigree! The existence of both documents is very important for both the seller and the buyer, of course! The registration certifies that the kitten has announced bloodlines and pedigree. In the agreement the conditions of the transmissions and reception are laid down. This document represent only a few thousand Forints in the purchase price of the kitten. I think it would be irresponsible to ignore them.




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